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Healthy initiatives make us strong

For us in the NTI, it is important that everything we do is sustainable in the long run both on individual, corporate, and community level. Therefore, we have high standards for everything from work environment to our suppliers ' production conditions.

We have lived through many decades, and know that what is being done today, tomorrow's opportunities. In NTI has the commitment to people, businesses and the environment have been great right from the beginning, we can say that we always worked on the basis of the idea of what today is called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Among other things we support recurring research, sport and social commitment.

Since we are not a production activity includes our direct environmental considerations in keeping our office as energy-efficient as possible. When it comes to our suppliers, we have high standards for their production conditions in terms of both the environment and people. But we also work with our customers to reduce environmental impact through, inter alia, to advise companies in the construction industry to work with sustainable buildings with low environmental impact.

We are also committed to our employees ' wellbeing, and with a long average employment period, we see that to thrive with us.

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