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Software Terms and Conditions for Software Developed by NTI A/S

These terms and conditions apply to any use of software, developed by NTI A/S ("NTI"), including the various modules and versions ("NTI Software").

1. User's rights and obligations
1.1 The user receives a time limited and non-exclusive right to use the NTI Software for the number of simultaneous users as agreed between the parties. If not otherwise agreed, each subscription purchased can only be used for one named user.

The user only acquires the right of use when NTI has received payment for the subscriptions, and these terms and conditions are accepted. No ownership rights or intellectual property rights are transferred in any way to the user.

1.2 The user is not permitted to make copies of neither the NTI Software nor the documentation. When installing an upgrade to the existing NTI Software, the upgrade replaces the original NTI Software that the upgrade is made from. The user retains no rights to the original NTI Software after the upgrade and it may no longer be used.

1.3 The user is not entitled to reverse engineer, disassemble or decompile the NTI Software.

2 Third Party Software
2.1 The NTI Software may include Third Party Software, if so, the terms and conditions for the Third Party Software is listed in the "About" dialog in the NTI Software.

3. Integrations
3.1 The NTI Software may include mechanisms for integrating with the NTI Software using an application programming interface (API) access. If not otherwise agreed, each API access purchased can only be used for one named integration.

4. Availability and support
4.1 NTI aims to provide full availability within NTI office hours, except for maintenance planned in agreement with the user or installation of critical security patches.
4.2 NTI aims to provide 24x7x365 availability except for scheduled maintenance. The user will be informed of scheduled maintenance in advance.
4.3 Support is provided within NTI office hours if hotline service is part of the agreement.
4.4 No support is provided outside NTI office hours, unless otherwise agreed.

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