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NTI TOOLS for Revit

From 3D to BIM

Why NTI TOOLS for Revit?

Imagine a tool, that can handle the certain demands within the building industry, eg. naming, classification, property data, building parts and a lot more.

NTI TOOLS for Revit is a add-on for Revit, that makes the workflows more easy, optimising the data quality and saves you time.

There is a solution for most challenges - We have gathered them in NTI TOOLS.

Export og print

Save time - publish and export models and drawings to eg. easily to PDF, DWG, IFC og SAT-format.


Create an overview in the project data with a with a collection of parameters and get a better overview of the structure.


Automatically create derived formats and drawings of the 3D models in a collection

Quality assurance

Get better data quality using automation and get a more effective quality assurance.

Cubo Arkitekter uses NTI TOOLS...

By using "Masses", "Element Relations" and "Parameter Copy" we have made a task, that writes a locationscode based on grids for all our doors and rooms. Det har meget værdi i større bygninger, og kan nu opdateres på under et minut. Det giver værdi både under og efter projekteringen for alle parter.


Building Constructor, DNU, CUBO

The 5 most important in NTI TOOLS...

Save time on publishing

This easy handling of print and export streamline your work and facilitates collaboration with external parties. With the functions "Publish PDF " and "Publish DWG", it is quick and easy to create PDF files of one or more drawings. You decide which parameters to include in the naming, and NTI TOOLS will then automatically identify the paper size-quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Skab struktur i projektets data

A powerful tool that creates structure and a red thread through the project's data. With "Parameter Copy", it is possible to copy parameters and combine several parameters into a new parameter, so that you keep your data in the model in order. For example, download Information about the host, project or space and add these to a given item. “Parameter Copy” is an opportunity to juggle with information in a simple and effective way.

Easily create cropped 3D images

Get the best view of the details of the 3D model with this feature. The "Create Section Box " function allows you to generate a cropped 3D view of selected elements in the model. For example, you can create precise cropped 3D images, with self-selected offset and map to floors, and create them as new images.

Overview of scale ratios

Quickly get an overview of scale ratios in your models. The "Update Scale" functionality lets you view the scale ratio of the drawing header, even when there are multiple drawing scales in the drawing (where standard Autodesk Revit simply writes "As Indicated"). The parameter is also dragged into the drawing list and is displayed so that you have an optimal view.

Simple overview of the object library

The "Content Library " tool provides a complete overview of the object library without the need to import the families into the model. This means that you get an overview of and access to all the families directly in the Content Library feature. This saves you time when you are looking for the right components and it also minimizes the size of your project file. In addition, you will be able to create your own local library and with a little consultant help, a database-based corporate library can be created and be shared among all users.


Quick Select from NTI TOOLS for Revit is a brilliant tool for selecting objects across Families and types. For example, in daily life, I use Quick Select for continuous quality assurance, for example all anemostats with an air volume 0 M3/H are selected. It creates overview, simple and simple.



Hear EKJ tell about their experiences with NTI TOOLS

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What does Dansk Halbyggeri say about NTI TOOLS for RevitRevit...

When building our new Revit-template, NTI TOOLS has been an indispensable tool, and with the "Parameter Copy" function, we now have the ability to tailor features.



NTI TOOLS for Revit indepth?

Watch this webinar and get a indepth demonstration of NTI TOOLS for Revit

(In danish)

NTI TOOLS til Revit i detaljen?

Se webinaret og få en demonstration af løsningen.

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