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NTI TOOLS for Inventor

From data to solutions

 Why NTI TOOLS for Inventor?

NTI TOOLS for Inventor is an Inventor add-on that facilitates workflows, optimizes data quality and saves you time.
There is a solution for most challenges-we have gathered them in NTI TOOLS


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Produce 2D documentation and easily publish to PDF or other formats.


Get an overview of the information on the models and manage all types of metadata in one place.


Automatically create derived formats and drawings of the 3D models in a collection.


Standardize and streamline your design data, workflows, and processes.

The Niels Bohr Institute says

Efter at have fået NTI TOOLS til Inventor i forbindelse med opsætning af ny Vault-server, bruger vi mindre energi på trivialiteter. Vi har i gruppen fået et bedre udviklingsflow og mere ensartethed og struktur i vores CAD data. Alt i alt - et fremragende værktøj i dagligdagen

Dennis Wistisen

Research Technician, Niels Bohr Instituttet

The 5 most valuable...

Easy overview and accurate data

The "iProperty Manager" feature provides a quick overview of the information on the models, as data on the model can both be viewed and edited. The Property Manager can handle all types of metadata. This function is therefore important to ensure correct data in all models, drawings, bills of materials, transfers to, for example. ERP

Get a Snapshot

The function shows the current status of all models in a collection - for example, whether drawings are up to date and if the default is set to derive PDF and DXF from models and drawings. It is possible to both update and divert files directly in a dialog box. The function ensures correctly updated production material.

Auto Generate drawings

"Create Drawing" automatically creates drawings of the 3D models in a collection, with images, scale, objective, BOM insertion, etc. -all that is necessary to create a drawing. This automatic drawing generation saves the user a lot of time and ensures that the drawing material is set up in the same setting.

Print as you want them

The "iPrint" function allows you to easily print both individual drawings and mass print of drawing kits on collections. The function ensures that all drawings are printed and that they are handled after the standard setup on the printers. This feature saves you time and effort.

Automatisk filhåndtering

The "iPublish" feature extracts different files from the models — for example, the In the formats PDF, DXF, STP, DWG, JPG, etc. The feature can automatically ensure that certain file types are always saved in a specific format. The feature can be set up with rules that ensure that automatically stored in predetermined folders, depending on origin and rules.

Aquagain about NTI TOOLS

We use NTI TOOLS in everyday life to easily and quickly fill the subscription header on Idw's, with the same information every time from the scroll-down lists. In addition, we use NTI-TOOLS to make PDF files directly from the Idwand DXF file from either the sheet metal part or from an IAM - This tool is difficult to do without.

Rasmus Møldrup

Responsible - Design & Construction, Aquagain

NTI TOOLS in five minutes 

See the videoes with Per Dissing-Larsen, Head of MFG Business Unit og Jesper Brandt, Customer Engagement Manager, who in theese two short videos briefly outlines the benefits and future aspects of NTI TOOLS for Inventor.
(In danish)


PTA + APS says...

NTI TOOLS for Inventor is incredibly easy to use - with a few mouse clicks you can check if ones parts are properly locked in the sketch and whether your "assemblies" are correct "constrained". With iDrawing, you easily create a paper drawing in the format you want – as well as creating a PDF and DWF file of your drawing. NTI TOOLS is an incredibly easy and powerful tool for Inventor and saves you plenty of time in your daily work.

Bjarne Micheelsen

Director, PTA + APS

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