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NTI CONNECT – Specification Management

Cloud-based description tool that ensures consistent description across projects and enables you to quickly create quotation lists

A module part of NTI CONNECT 

Specification Management is a module purchased with the cloud-based platform NTI CONNECT. The module supports architects and engineers with the preparation of descriptions for the construction – both in the case of new construction or renovation.

The tool ensures more consistent description across the projects and makes it quicker to make a bill of quantities and etc. With a browser access you're get away with cumbersome software installations. Specification Management uses the B1.000 standard from Molio.

Where Specification Management is a module in NTI CONNECT it is possible to use data directly from the descriptions.

Save precious time with templates

Build your own company templates for your projects and get started quickly with the descriptions.

Easy-to-use quotation list

Link your building parts from the subject models to your building parts descriptions and easily export quotation lists to XML.

 Maintain the overall overview

Get a quick overview of your description documents and easily see the structure of "project documents".

 Easy control with control plans

Get an easy-to-use management by easily creating and editing your control plans.

About Specification Management

With the Specification Management module, you can get a better handle on the description work. You can create your company templates and use them on projects to make the descriptions more consistent across projects. You can associate building parts from the Revit models with the building parts descriptions, thus generating quotation lists quickly and efficiently.

Michael Sebbelin Porskær

Business Development Manager

Explore the interface  

Three important things in NTI CONNECT- Specification Management

Build your company standard of descriptions

You can build your company standard of quality-assured descriptions. Start with them on your projects and get started quickly with the description work.

Get an overview of the documents

Get a good overview of the documents on your project and how they are related. The "Project documents" function shows you how the connection is between building case descriptions, contracts, work descriptions, and building part descriptions.

Set up and extract quotation lists

The building parts from which the building models are constructed can be attached to the building parts descriptions. You can then use the "Bills of quantities" feature, where you can set up your offer lists and export them.

How NTI CONNECT is built

NTI CONNECT is modular with NTI CONNECT as the platform. You choose the modules based on your needs.
Read more about NTI CONNECT here.

You can choose from the following modules:

Specification Management

Description tool used to create descriptions related to the construction.



Building Part Management

Building subdatabase to manage the company's building parts in one place and open up data in the building models.

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Allows everyone to view models and drawings directly in a browser.

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