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Cloud-based BIM for everyone. NTI CONNECT gathers data from all phases of the construction project on one platform. You are guaranteed a tool that makes it simple and efficient to meet the increasing demands for digitisation in construction projects.

Get structure and coherence across

If you are an architect, engineer or contractor in construction projects, you probably dream of having the structure, consistency and quality of your tender material and in your projects.

As a Revit user, you want to easily find a building part and get an overview of which building parts you use in your company. The reality is just not always like that. Data is in many different places, and it presents lots of daily challenges that not only delay the process but also lower the quality.

One unified platform!

Imagine a tool where it is actually possible to get structure and coherence across – and not least to get an overview of projects in terms of time, economy and quality. NTI CONNECT is a cloud-based platform that enables data from all phases of the construction project to be collected in one place.


Combine models from different disciplines and run advanced control on the overall model against ICT requirements and rules and go beyond simple collision control. 


Get a comprehensive overview of your BIM projects. And make sure your BIM models are always the latest revision..

User Management

Easily manage all your users centrally and assign them to the projects.

How NTI CONNECT is built

NTI CONNECT is modular with NTI CONNECT as the platform. You choose the modules based on your needs.

You can choose from the following modules:

Specification Management

Description tool used to create descriptions related to the construction.

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Building Part Management

Building subdatabase to manage the company's building parts in one place and open up data in the building models.

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Allows everyone to view models and drawings directly in a browser.

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Arkitema about NTI CONNECT

"As Revit users, it is an advantage that we can easily find a building part and generally get an overview of our building parts in the 3D building model. This is possible with the Building Part Browser, which is easy to use directly in Revit in the modelling work."

Marianne Friis,

Digital Development Director i Arkitema

Three important things in NTI CONNECT ...

Create your users and assign them rights to modules and projects

You can quickly and easily create new users on your account and give them rights to modules and projects in the CONNECT platform.

Get an overview of data with dashboards

We've built in a number of dashboards to give you a good overview of the data in the CONNECT platform. This way you can continuously get a good overview of your projects and take action if something is not right.

Get an overview of your projects and create new ones yourself

You can quickly get an overview of which projects are located in NTI CONNECT. When a new project arrives, you can create it with just a few clicks, connect the users and you're in the process right away.

What our business development manager says

With NTI CONNECT, we open up the BIM models and provide access to the data that is in them. Because NTI CONNECT is a cloud-based product, anyone can access models, drawings, and the data associated with it. It is a new paradigm in which BIM models have a more central role on the projects.

Michael Sebbelin Porskær

Business Development Manager

NTI er Autodesk Forge Certified Systems Integrator

NTI has proven experience successfully helping customers implement cloud-based solutions that use Forge. We can help innovate and develop software integrations with existing systems or help develop custom Forge-based solutions



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