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Fast and easy classification of building parts based in common business standards

Classification fast and simple

In many projects there is a requirement for the building models to be classified. Classifying a building model is a heavy and demanding task and mistakes occurs quite often. In addition, the process is often manual, where you post to a classification table and manually enter the code into a parameter in the building model.

With the NTI CLASSIFY it is quick and easy to meet this requirement. Building parts and spaces are classified in a cloud solution, in this way it is ensured, across building models, that classification codes are used only once. When rating codes must be added, search directly in the ratings tables, the correct code is quickly found, and the possibility of errors is eliminated.

When the rating code is selected, other relevant parameters about the rating code is auto filled - it is all written down in the building model and can then be included in drawings and in extracts. So there is a lot of time to save and the result will be much better.

NTI CLASSIFY optimises classification work in many areas

Data insightGives you an overview of which building parts that has been classified and which is still missing.

cloud-100-red.pngCloud-based for easy access , where ever you are

Allows you to share the work between multiple users on the same building model.

Fully integrated with Autodesk Revit, so the classification will be in place as early as possible.

Core functionalities in NTI Classify

Classification of building parts and rooms.

With NTI CLASSIFY, it is easy and simple to classify building models. Can be classified with the CCS, SfB, (used in various countries) BIM7AA, Management Classification (Danish classifications) and NS8360:2015 (Norwegian classification). Building parts and spaces are exported from the Revit model to CLASSIFY, and a classification can be made.

Listings in classification tables

To add a classification code to a building part or a room, search the classification tables directly. That way, it's quick and easy to find the right code, and there's no question, as the description of the code is also apparent..

Change Version

If an incorrect version of the rating system (e.g BIM7AA version 2.1) is used on a project, it can be quickly and easily switched to a different version (e.g BIM7AA version 3.2). Then the codes can be updated in the building models and classifications are again correct.

Create projects

It is quick to get an overview of which projects are located in NTI CLASSIFY. When a new project comes in, it only requires a few clicks to create it, associate the users and select the rating system. Then the work can get started right away.;


With NTI CLASSIFY, classification has become much easier and it is also ensured that the quality of the classification work becomes high. That way you no longer have to be afraid when there is a requirement for classification.

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