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NTI is a leading supplier of BIM-solutions to technical project planning in Northern Europe. Our solutions, industry knowledge and not least a close cooperation with our customers has led us to where we are today.

Our solutions, our experience, expertise and last but not least our large number of customers, make us one of the market's leading suppliers of solutions for BIM (Building Information Modelling) for planners in technical systems in Northern Europe.

We have a close dialogue and collaboration with our customers to develop the best solutions for the entire industry. Besides standard products, we also supply custom solutions through adaptations and working methods. The knowledge we get through development work together with large customer, will also benefit our other customers. In many ways, plumbing and electricity have lead the way for the development of BIM, and we have gained valuable insight by being a step ahead.

BIM deals to a large degree with collaboration and standardisation, and have been developed to manage this in a good way. With concepts like BIM and lifecycle BIM, products and product selections become an increasingly important area.

Cloud solutions, closer collaboration and sharing of models is a reality. We are also happy to talk with you about this. Besides proprietary cloud solutions, we can offer new technology from Autodesk and other central suppliers, who continuously take us further toward being able to support the planners’ needs for effective collaboration, communication, documentation and digital delivery.

We are at your disposal, regardless of whether you are going to “draw in 3D” for the first time, are facing a project that makes demands to BIM requirements that you have not faced before, wish to be a step ahead and able to offer a more modern and digital final product, or improve collaboration. Information and information flow are key words, and NTI is at the forefront in this area as leaders of today’s and tomorrow's software, tools and services.

Contact us to talk about your projects and wishes. Together we will find the best solutions for your project.