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Building Information Modelling (BIM)-solutions in construction projects provides all members involved with a precise, understandable and actionable insight throughout the entire cycle of the construction process.

In a building project, most of the time is spent at the construction site, and that is also where the highest costs are incurred. It is also in connection with the construction site that we as part of the building industry can have the greatest effect of using new digital solutions.

If you spend most of your work day at construction sites, or carry out any kind of activity at constructions sites, you will find that we have digital solutions and the skill set that can make your work day more predictable and cost-effective.

Some of the largest building projects are currently totally digitalized, where the entire construction site is paperless. The response from these projects that have been digital, is that they save time and money.

Today, more and more people are asking for digital solutions for “construction sites”, even for smaller projects. It is only the start of a digital development which will pick up speed during the next few years. 

Therefore, at NTI we are increasing our efforts in everything from the building phase, and we are seeing a high demand for our solutions, our consultancy and training. Our experts have experience from construction sites, and we also offer skills in VDC and planning.

Will you be planning and establishing a new building project? Contact us so we can support you in making the right choices – from the start until the end, so you will save time as well as money.

Get in on the effect of the digital development.

We are in growth because we are good at what we do

And because we have managed to cooperate with the same faithful customers through many years. But we also dare to invest in attracting the right employees, which means that we have a very high "bottom level". It also means that we have professionally been very successful in working advanced with some of the difficult things in Revit and some of the key parts of new tools like NTI TOOLS and NTI CONNECT. They have already proven their worth, but they will become even stronger tools for us over the next few years.

Emil Edvardsen


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Sölustjóri NTI á Íslandi (Sales Manager)

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