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Strong and rewarding partnerships

Our partnerships are long-term and based on mutual trust. Our sharp expertise in industrial, design and construction industries make NTI a strong partner that will help with the driving, innovation and experience.

A collaboration with NTI will be rewarding for both parties. We think long term and has several well-established partnerships, in which the most prominent is Autodesk and Microsoft. NTI has several Autodesk specializations but the most important is that we are a certified Autodesk Platinum Partner and is part of the Autodesk Development Network, which means that we are at the forefront with new Autodeskprodukter.

NTI is also a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, which means that all our proprietary products based on Microsoft technology.

We are also proud of our partnership with:

Progman (MagiCAD)

We are careful with our partnership and work only with those who help us create the best solutions to meet our customers ' complex challenges.

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