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We have the insight and experience required to safely guide you to effective working methods. We support your business development by identifying needs and offering total solutions based on what we call the NTI METHOD.

Our 4 step

Step 1 - Situational Analysis

To get an overview of the current situation, we will initially offer a clearly documented overview of your organization, workflows, business goals and development plans. It is done through an elaborate workshop method, where our strategists are working together with different people with you, both management functions and those who implement projects. NTI's strategists documenting the incoming results of workshops and summarizing the results of the analysis to the next step.

Step 2 - Ideal process

Initialize an implementation of change. This stage identifies issues in the day-to-day operation, which after discussion with you leads to a joint deployment plan. We make an ideal process for your company and establishes a clear plan for the procedure. Your strategical goals and overall vision are essential in order to find the most appropriate solution.

Step 3 - Implementation

Daily use of developed methodology concept. For the implementation to fully succeed, your employees work together in unison following the developed plan. NTI strategists are involved in the whole process in order to support and facilitate new workflows.

Step 4 - Quality assurance

Compare the gain and result with the specified ratios. A continuous assessment is carried out through implementation to make sure that we are on the right track. The results are analyzed at the end of the project in comparison with the established key figures to ensure that your needs are met.


Please note that you will be transferred to a DK site, and that the references are written in Danish.

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Árni Guðmundur Guðmundsson

Sölustjóri NTI á Íslandi (Sales Manager)

Reykjavík - Ísland (Iceland)

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