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Secure your business for the future, with us

With 30 years of experience, we are Northern Europe’s leading consultants for the design and construction industry. Our total solutions include everything from technology to knowledge and safe implementations for a modern working method and optimal efficiency.

We know that many businesses in building, design, industry and product development are facing major challenges. We also know how this is best solved, and support daily everything from small and medium-sized businesses to multinational groups in their development.

Our goal is to optimize your internal work flow so you can carry out and deliver projects of high quality and profitability. We do that based on the NTI METHOD, a unique concept where we work closely with you to identify needs and problem areas, find the most suitable solutions and provide what is required for a complete implementation.

We work closely with our customers and can be found locally many places all over the countries. But we also work on a global arena, where we collaborate with partners and keep ourselves up to date with upcoming news and trends.

Our consultancy is based on your premises and offers innovative solutions, looking toward the future.

Make an appointment for a non-committing meeting for information on how we can secure your business for the future.

From 2 days to 20 minutes

Advice from NTI and the 3D Configurator, they have supplied, have undoubtedly helped to be able to reduce the cost for BarkerBilles customers in the design phase. For BarkerBille, it has meant that we can now deliver a drawing of 20 minutes, as we previously was 1-2 days to fix.

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Árni Guðmundur Guðmundsson

Sales Manager (Sölustjóri)

Iceland (We speak Icelandic, Danish and English)

+354 6998202