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Introducing: NTI CONNECT Integration with Autodesk Docs and BIM 360

Driving higher quality construction projects by collecting and maintaining data in one hub for project teams

The NTI Group today announced the new integration between NTI CONNECT and both Autodesk® Docs® and BIM 360® to combine workflows in the design phase of construction projects.  

The new integration enables architects, engineers, and contractors to view Revit models hosted in Autodesk Docs or BIM 360 to depict and highlight selected model building parts in the NTI CONNECT VIEW. The integration also expands the current workflows in NTI CONNECT where it is possible to manage, write, and add family types to specification documents with the online text editor.

We are continuously focusing on developing digital solutions to accommodate our customers’ needs keeping them as frontrunners in their respective fields. Hence, we are proud of the work we have done in connection with the new integration creating a close and coherent integration between Autodesk’s platform and our own developed products to automate, optimize and streamline daily work life,” explains Michael Sebbelin Porskær, Head of Business Development at NTI A/S, Denmark.  

Exploit the advantages

The integration between NTI CONNECT and both Autodesk Docs and BIM 360 is a great advantage to the daily working life of architects, engineers, and contractors, unifying models in Revit and preparing specification documents for construction. The integration and NTI CONNECT enable customers to:

  • Setup company standards to achieve a consistent approach to the use of families in Revit.
  • Publish building part updates from the web platform to all users of Revit.
  • Use the building part browser in Revit to select building parts from the company standard, supporting both system and component families.
  • Share custom Revit families on projects and reduce the amount of repetitive and time-consuming tasks.
  • Achieve a more efficient and convenient classification of building parts from the web platform.
  • Get quick access to an online model viewer with high-level details of the ongoing work and an option to identify and isolate selected building parts.

We are committed to supporting, improving, and inspiring people and companies within the construction industry. Therefore, we will continue to develop the integration, to further strengthen and simplify everyday workflows for our customers”, elaborates Michael Sebbelin Porskær.

Download free trial

The new integration consists of a web application that is accessible through a PC browser and an add-in for Revit. The add-in can be downloaded from the web application and installed on a local PC.

A 30-day free trial of NTI CONNECT is available to explore the new integration further. Please contact [email protected] for more information. When the trial expires, the integration is available as a monthly or annual license. You can also find more information about the integration here.    


NTI CONNECT is a cloud-based platform that gathers data from all phases of the construction project in one platform featuring the three products, SPECS, PARTS, and VIEW. NTI CONNECT makes it easy to meet the increasing demands for digitalization in order to structure construction projects in terms of overview, time frame, economy, and quality assurance. 

About NTI Group

The NTI Group is an Autodesk Platinum Partner and one of the largest Autodesk partners in Europe with 385 employees and a revenue of more than EUR 100 million. NTI Group is a leading full-service supplier of solutions for digital information management for companies in construction, design, and industry. For more information about NTI, please visit

For more information, please contact

our Head of Business Development

Michael Sebbelin Porskær


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